Chinatown: Taiwanese Street Food at Lao Tao

"chicken neck"

“chicken neck”


Far East Plaza‘s latest spot, Lao Tao opened a few weeks ago in Chinatown. It’s upstairs near Ramen Champ and Fortune Chinese. Lao Tao means “foodie” in Taiwanese and it’s obvious the sort of crowd it’ll attract. The hungry and the even hungrier.

I had already eaten lunch but wanted to try one thing. The counter woman suggested the chicken neck which is a fried tofu skin roll with pork and fish paste. The slight crunch from water chestnuts also gave this an enjoyable texture. My friend called it very clever and I have to say the appearance is very spot on (if imagined a very large chicken neck).

I’d love to come back to try the beef noodle soup, spicy wontons and century egg tofu salad. And also maybe the baby oyster omelette since I feel that is the epitome of Taiwanese street food.

While I was there, Chef Roy Choi came up from Chego to check out Lao Tao. He gave me the idea I should do a food crawl in this plaza. It would be pretty easy since you have his yummy rice bowls, delicious ramen, interesting Chinese food and one day I’ll tackle the longest line ever for fried chicken. I also want to check out Unit 120 in the evening for the LASA pop-up. So much eating, which lao tao (foodie) has a hollow leg?

Lao Tao

727 N Broadway, Unit 207, Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 372-5318

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