Hong Kong: Bar Crawl to Dr. Fern’s, COA, Honi Honi Tiki Bar and Bar De Luxe

Last Word at Dr. Fern’s


After I popped into PDT, I made my way downstairs to Dr. Fern’s, a gin bar at the Landmark hotel. I had spotted it earlier in the day when I left the MTR station so I kept it in mind for my specialty bar crawl.

I didn’t have a reservation but luckily they had room for me at the bar. Dr. Fern’s is known for gin and tonics but I opted to get a Last Word, one of the classic drinks on the daily menu.

I loved how showy everything was. It’s a good time at Dr. Fern’s, they do a good job of the theme. The bartenders are dressed in lab coats and the drinks are the medicine (prescriptions) to cure what ails you.

I wish I had time to stay for another drink but it was time to get moving to the next stop!

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Shop B31A, B1/F, 15 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong  —  852 2111 9449

MTR: Central, Hong Kong Island




After trying the new Whisky and Words across the way, I made my way to COA. I immediately felt at home. Maybe because I’m from LA and agave spirits are close to my heart but I liked the vibe a lot. It wasn’t too busy (most bars I visited weren’t during this holiday week) so I had a chance to chat with the owner Jay Khan. He asked me how did I hear about the bar. When I was preparing for my trip, I had made a list of bars (over 30!). In the corner of my notebook, I had jotted down COA. And then I forgot to research it. I knew vaguely it was an agave bar but even a mezcal drinker like me didn’t immediately recognize COA is actually the tool/shovel used to dig out the agave plant.

Jay recommended a drink but really, it was more fun drinking mezcal I hadn’t had in LA! I did really enjoy the Coconut Milk Punch. Clarified (or invisible as Hong Kongers know them) are all the rage right now. Possibly as modern mixology in general is popoular.

Jay was kind enough to inquire where my next stop was and had someone walk me. Hong Kong is very safe but it was nice to have that introduction at the next bar which turned out to be crazy packed. Thanks, Jay and to the staff at COA!

Coconut Milk Punch – aged rum, mezcal joven, dry sherry, pineapple, coconut, black tea, tamarind, lemon


Shop A, LG/F Wah Shin House, 6-10 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong, Central, Hong Kong  —  852 2813 5787



Honi Honi

I had heard Honi Honi was the best tiki bar in Hong Kong. Well, really, it might be the only one but it’s still a cool place to wind down after a long day.

It was still fairly early when I arrived. A few people were out on the patio while a couple of tables were occupied inside. I was the only one at the bar. Many times I decide on tiki drinks based on the mug. I loved this one with an Easter Island head. The drink was tasty as well.

Later they told me they were working on educating Hong Kong on classic tiki drinks and the new menu which just launched would reflect that and some new signature drinks.

I hope there are a lot of drinks lit on fire!


Dum Dum Give Me Gum Gum – Don Q gold rum, Appleton signature blend rum, Clement Creole shrubb, orgeat, passion fruit, lime


Honi Honi 

3/F, Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington Street
威靈頓街52號Somptueux Central3樓
Hong Kong  —  852 2353 0885

MTR: Central, Hong Kong Island

Bar De Luxe


For my last bar in Hong Kong, I chose Bar De Luxe.

Bar High Five in Tokyo’s Ginza district may be one of the most famous bars in Japan. Bar High Five’s Hidetsugu Ueno then opened Bar De Luxe in Hong Kong and brought Yuriko Naganuma in to run Bar De Luxe. They have been open for about 2 years.

Yuriko was behind the bar when I came in. This was the first time I was in a real Japanese whisky bar and I was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed and had a wonderful time chatting with her about everything from gin cocktails to Hainan chicken.

For my first drink, I had a Manhattan variation. It was fantastic. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been so excited about a cocktail bar.

The Hidden Gem – Nikka from the barrel whisky, Japanese yomogi herb liqueur, Amaro Averna, sugarcane sugar syrup

Bar De Luxe


I really loved Hazy Moon. I’m now obsessed with the azuki liqueur. The red bean was so silky. Plus, the coupe glass was so sexy. Yes, I could have had a dram or two but then I would have missed out on the creative cocktails. Both drinks I selected sounded initially too sweet to me but they were both so well balanced. If only I had time for another. I would have gone with bartender’s choice. But alas, it was the third bar of the night and time to head back to get some sleep before my flight the next day.

I really enjoyed my time at Bar De Luxe and was glad I made it my last bar in Hong Kong. I hope to make it to Japan one day to visit Bar High Five but until then, I cherished my time at Bar De Luxe.

Hazy Moon – Appleton 12 year rum, Yellow Chartreuse, Japanese red bean liqueur, double cream

Bar De Luxe

30/F, 8 Wyndham Street
Hong Kong —  852 3706 5716

MTR: Central, Hong Kong Island


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