The Minty’s Spirits Week: Spring 44 Distilling from Colorado

Single Malt


At this year’s BevCon in Los Angeles, I tasted the line from Spring 44 Distilling from Colorado. I wanted to include a craft distiller for this week’s Spirits Week because I want to support independent distilleries.

Spring 44 places great emphasis on their pure spring water used to cut the proof down for their spirits. They say the bottle is mostly water so you should be drinking the good stuff!

Single Malt – this is new for the distillery. There’s no age statement for this one. It’s quite smokey and a peated Scotch drinker might like it.

Fortify Bitter


Fortify Bitter – Spring 44 is getting into the amaro game with their bitter. It’s not quite as bitter as Campari. Try it in a Negroni or the whiskey alternative, a Boulevardier. You could even go aperitivo style and try it as a spritz.



Honey Vodka- I really liked honey vodka. It wasn’t too sweet nor did it taste artificial. I’d like to see this in a warm drink for the holidays.

Vodka – As you could imagine, if the honey vodka was good, then its base, the vodka is especially clean tasting. Remember, it’s the water!



Gin – Like the vodka, the gin is great for mixing.

Mountain Gin- I liked the Mountain gin the best of the three gins I tried.

Old Tom Gin – Some cocktails call for Old Tom gin. It has its uses. For instance, it’s a must for Martinez cocktail and certainly you can go for it when it comes to Tom Collins.

Spring 44 has been concentrating in the Southern California market and I hope to see more of the clear spirits soon at bars.


Spring 44 Distilling



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