Beverly Hills: Late Night at Wally’s

beef tartare


After catching a show at the nearby Wallace, we walked over to Wally’s for a late night snack. We had just seen For the Record’s Love Actually and it was really very cool. I’m a long time For the Record supporter and it’s so different to watch them in a big space like the Wallace.

Wally’s was very busy but we snagged a couple of seats in the center where we had a good view of everything. I had never been to Wally’s before and I never realized how bit it was. I thought it was a wine shop but was happy to discover you could get food. And great food at that.

amuse bouche – gougeres


The manager brought us a couple of glasses of champagne and started us out with gourgeres. Ah, I love gourgeres.

octopus pibil


We ordered the octopus pibil, lentils and beef tartare.

I was interested in so many things but but it was late night after all so we stuck to mostly light things. Beef tartare is light, right? I thought the presentation with chopped up cornichons on the side was interesting. You definitely needed just a bit of the spread with the tartare as it was slightly under-seasoned (good in my book since so many things are over-salted).

I love pibil and usually I have it with pork. Applied to octopus, it was really very cool. I liked the cubes of polenta as well.


But my favorite dish turned out to be the lentils. I’m a fan of lentils anyway but cooked with so much butter and shaved truffles… ah, this dish was elevated beyond simple lentils.

We had a great time and will happily return in the future.




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