DTLA: New Drinks at Bar Franca

First Flush


Bar Franca has launched a new menu just in time for Spring!

A vibrantly green drink, the First Flush would be my first pick of the night. With trendy matcha but also smooth pistachio orgeat to go with Japanese gin, this tall drink makes for easy sippin’.

First Flush – Suntory Roku gin, pistachio orgeat, matcha, lemon, soda

Doctor’s Orders

Funny how Scotch works in lighter drinks as well. And if you like Penicillins, then you’ll love this fresh take with just a hint of lavender.

Doctor’s Orders  –  Bowmore 12-year-old Scotch whisky, lemon, honey, lavender


Light the Rails


For those cozy nights snuggled up to your favorite person, I suggest Light on the Rails. Think of a Manhattan variation on the rocks. But yet seems super new and innovative. I loved the winter melon bitters. It went so well with the smoky Scotch.

Light the Rails – Ardbeg An Oa Scotch whisky, Alessio Chinato, Genepy, winter melon bitters

Sur La Planche


Oh yeah, it’s Spring! Sur La Planche makes me want to dance in the light rain with flowers in my hair. This was my favorite drink on the new menu. It’s refreshing with two different rums (or a rum and a rhum). The flavors are so familiar yet different from what I’ve been having lately. Loved the dates and bananas combo.

Sur La Planche – Rhum J.M. gold, Lemonhart 151, lime, dates, bananas, bitters


Daydream Believer

One of my favorite mezcals was La Nina. I was sad when I saw Cecilia Rios Murrieta retired from La Nina but she’s working on new projects including Ome Spirits. The Daydream Believer uses the mezcal. And what’s super fun about this drink is the housemade Chamay. This is the Mexican sauce typically used on fruit (and is made of pickled fruit). This makes the drink tart but not overly so. I loved it and wished I was on a patio somewhere.

Daydream Believer – Ome Sur mezcal, housemade Chamay, lime, orange, apricot bitters


Golden Old


I gotta rethink my brown, bitter, stirred strategy in the light of warmer weather. However, I’m a creature of habit and Golden Old fits my habits perfectly. A bourbon drink enhanced with coffee and cherry notes? Sure, let’s go for it!

Golden Old – Maker’s Mark, golden syrup, coffee, cherry bitters

Cheers to Spring!

Bar Franca

438 S Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 —  (213) 935-8515

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