PDX: Ramen and Dumplings at Afuri

yuzu shio


Afuri opened in Portland because of their water supply. It’s their first US branch. When I checked out Portland, I knew this was the first stop during my nearly week-long vacation.

They are known for their yuzu shio ramen so of course I had to get that.

The soup was very, very good. I really enjoyed my bowl and would probably try the other ramen styles if I lived in town.


buta gyoza


What I loved though was the buta gyoza. Did one person really need 8 dumplings? Nah, but I went for it anyway. Hey, I hadn’t eaten all day. Juicy pork in a crispy shell. Yum.



50 SW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97204  —  (971) 288-5510


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