Las Vegas: Lunch at Flock and Fowl

fried chicken sandwich


I’ve had Flock and Fowl on my Las Vegas eats to-do list for a while now. I’m glad I finally had a chance to check it out on my last trip. We got there right when they opened for lunch.

It’s a oddly shaped restaurant but once we were seated in the back, the main dining room, it felt more comfortable. At the time it was counter service and we took our number to our table.

The two of us ordered the fried chicken sandwich, the famous Hainan chicken and a side of greens.

Hainan chicken


We shared everything. I may be over fried chicken sandwiches but Flock & Fowl has a good one– as noted by my friend, it’s a chicken spot. Fowl, get it?

I was more interested in the Hainan chicken. I didn’t grow up with this as a comfort food (though I did eat a lot of Chinese take-out of steamed chicken with green onion sauce) but I have embraced it the last 15 or so years. My favorite version is still the Thai version at Nong’s Khao Man Gai. 

I liked it and would happily order it again. And in fact, I just may on my next Vegas trip!

pea sprouts


Did we need greens? No, but I ordered pea sprouts anyway. I firmly believe a lot of veggies balance out all the indulgence of Vegas.


Flock & Fowl

150 N Las Vegas Blvd., Ste 100, Las Vegas, NV 89101  —  (702) 272-2222


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