Plymouth Gin & Lush Life Book Signing at the Varnish

Plymouth Gin


Following the LA’s Best Bartender Competition, I headed over to the unofficial after party at the Varnish. Plymouth Gin was sponsoring the night since Dale DeGroff‘s wife, Jill DeGroff was signing her book of caricatures, Lush Life, there.

Varnish bar owner Eric Alperin showing off his Lush Life caricature

I had time for one cocktail, the Poets Dream (Plymouth gin, Benedictine, dry vermouth, orange bitters).

Varnish bar manager Chris Bostick mixing our cocktails

Poets Dream

Although this cocktail sounded relatively simple, the aroma was just incredible from the citrus. It was perfectly balanced. Too bad I didn’t have time to try the other cocktail; Monkey Gland (Plymouth gin, OJ, grenadine, absinthe). I did sneak in a bit of the Plymouth Pugilist Punch (Plymouth gin, OJ, lemon, grenadine, Oleo sacchrum) which I first had on the last punch crawl (then made with genever).


Dale DeGroff with Devon Tarby

Third place winner Devon Tarby working behind the stick with Dale DeGroff was a sight to see. Having just judged her in the LA’s Best Bartender contest, I wonder how she felt working next to King Cocktail?

Although the night was still young, it was time to pack it in so I could party with this fine group another night.


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