DTLA: Otium is Now Open

Grapes and Almonds

Grapes and Almonds


Otium is now open for lunch, brunch and dinner. The new restaurant is next door to the Broad Museum on Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s picturesque and fits right in LA’s art and dining scenes. Chef Timothy Hollingsworth (Barrel and Ashes, French Laundry) heads up the kitchen and Julian Cox and team manages the bar.

I attended a preview and sampled a couple of bites. I can’t wait to come back for a complete meal. The seafood is great but I’m really interested in the meatier dishes. For brunch, the Hangtown fry sounds great with fried oysters. I’m also wondering about the pozole since I love this Mexican breakfast soup. I’ll have to come back for the lobster roll or tri-tip for lunch. And get a pasta for dinner.

Nick Meyer, Julian Cox’s right-hand man explained to me the cocktails were not going to be named but instead will be known for their ingredients. I had one, Grapes and Almonds, because of the use of grapes, pisco, boozy grape and almond foam. It was lovely and felt just right as we head into winter. The Roasted Banana drink with Otium’s rum blend sounds divine. I’m getting that and the Rye Whiskey drink with celery next time.


222 S Hope St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 935-8500
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