dineLA: The Raymond


For my last dineLA meal, my fine dining partner and I hit up the Raymond. I’ve wanted to go to the Raymond for years. I’ve heard so much about their brunch. I’m not entirely sure why I have yet to go but am very glad to have tried it. Also, Tello/Demerast is working on a cocktail menu for them. Although reportedly it would be available late summer, they still didn’t have it when I went last week. Our server said it’s been under wraps and possibly very soon they’ll be announcing the new cocktails menu. In the meantime, I made due with a bourbon and soda.

Unlike other dineLA meals I recently had at First & Hope and Petrossian, the Raymond offers more than three choices for the dineLA menu. My fine dining partner opted for the sashimi, steak and poundcake. I decided on the pork belly, scallops and chocolate ganache.


pork belly

The sashimi this evening was hamachi. My friend discovered the flowers weren’t too tasty but she liked the fish. My pork belly was fine. I liked the tart garnish on top.

prime Iowa beef strip loin

hand harvested deep water scallops

I may have done things backwards by starting off with the pork belly but I’m glad I chose to have the scallops. These hand-harvested deep water scallops were amazing. Easily top 10 scallops I’ve had ever. Plus there were plenty of tasty mushrooms to go with.

carmelized poundcake

flexible chocolate ganache

Gosh, I loved my little chocolate bridge. It was so adorable and that clear cube was like a shot of pure booze. The gelee was creme de cacao (ah, the ingredient for a chocolate cake shot!). In any case, this was a great dessert and the most inventive thing. The flexible chocolate ganache as a bridge! The ice cream melted a bit and created “tracks” on the bridge. It was just so dandy and great plating.

My friend thought her fruit was a little too tart. I found it oddly dry. It may be from the carmelization.

Overall, we had a great time and thought it was well worth the $34 a person.

The Raymond

1250 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105-3417
(626) 441-3136