SGV: Dim Sum at Five Star Seafood

siu mai


How can I have a Chinese Food Week on The Minty without a dim sum spot? I grew up eating dim sum at least twice a week. As a child I was encouraged to order what I wanted to eat and then my dad would polish off whatever was left on the table. We rarely have leftovers. These days, if we don’t have leftovers, I feel we didn’t order enough food.

Five Star Seafood has changed owners and names through the years. No matter the name, it’s always busy at this fourth floor restaurant. While the retail level is drying up, the massive restaurant is as busy as ever. Waits of up to an hour is not unheard of.

And despite the tremendous amount of parking, I still had trouble finding a spot so I didn’t arrive until after my family had finished half the food. We had much more than what I picture here. But as always, we have to start with siu mai, the pork and shrimp dumpling that I associate very strongly with dim sum. Sadly, I never got any crystal shrimp.


shrimp cheung fun


But I did get some great shrimp cheung fun (rice noodle roll). The rice noodle part was nice and slippery.


chicken feet


I also pretty much ate all the chicken feet by myself. It doesn’t matter if I’m with my family who you would think like chicken feet (they don’t) or friends, I’m the lone chicken feet lover. It’s all about the sauce.

shrimp salad rolls


I miscalculated on these egg rolls. It turns out they were shrimp salad rolls. They were quite crispy but also were stuffed with a shrimp salad– yes, tons of mayo with extra mayo on the side for you to dip these into.

I also tried their porridge which came with a nice amount of toppings as well assorted dumplings.

taro and red bean dessert


For dessert, we had tofu pudding with ginger sauce (not shown) and these taro and red bean cakes. I didn’t try them as I was very full at this point.

Five Star would probably be on a top 30 list of dim sum restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley but with the parking headaches and long wait times, I prefer going to Lunasia or Shanghai No. 1 Seafood over this spot.


Five Star Seafood

140 W Valley Blvd., Ste 4D, San Gabriel, CA 91776

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