The Minty’s Whiskey Week: Recap of the Westward Pig Dinner

Westward Whiskey


Westward Whiskey had a pig dinner at Winsome recently. The Wingham Farms pig had been fed 4-5 weeks on spent mash, the grain that was used to make Westward whiskey. Wingham Farms is just outside of Portland, Oregon, not too far from House Spirits which makes Westward. The farmer came with the pig to dinner and it was truly farm to table! He explained most commercially raised pigs are only a few months old before slaughter. His happy pig was over 2 years old and spent most of its time roaming around the farm eating apples.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a welcome cocktail. It was delightful and primed our appetites for the piggy dinner to come!

The Bravery – Westward whiskey, Green Chartreuse, strawberry vermouth, pomegranate, lemon, orange bitters

pretzel buns


We snacked on pretzel buns with maple bacon butter. The bacon came from our Westward mash-fed pig.


Westward whiskey spiced highball


We switched to a spiced highball for our meal.

Whiskey spiced highball- Westward whiskey, Chinese 5-spice, seltzer, orange essense


Brussels sprouts Caesar salad


With Westward whiskey wash (a kind of beer byproduct from the whiskey distilling process) and neat whiskey, we started our meal with the Brussels sprouts Caesar salad. The bacon came from our Westward pig.

This was a great salad and I had a second helping.



pork shoulder ragu pasta


We had a housemade parpadelle pasta with a ragu made from the Westward pork shoulder. Moans of delight were heard around the patio as everyone enjoyed the food. I thought the lemongrass was a unique take on the sauce and was so very LA.


baby back ribs


The main event had arrived! The baby back ribs of our Westward piggy. I love ribs and enjoyed the sauced of tamarind and salted cucumber. The shaved fennel and honey crisp apples kept the dish from being too heavy.

The ribs were so tender!



For dessert, we had vanilla bean ice cream with streusel and candied bacon.

What a wonderful dinner and many thanks to House Spirits’ Westward Whiskey for bringing a little bit of Portland to Los Angeles.


Westward Whiskey


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