The Minty’s Whiskey Week: Benromach, Douglas Laing & Co Remarkable Regional Malts and Gordon & MacPhail

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The Minty’s Whiskey Week continues with Benromach, Douglas Laing and Co‘s Remarkable Malts and Gordon and MacPhail Scotch whiskys.

I tasted these with the Southern California Whiskey Club. This event also supported the Water of Life film and held at The Phoenix.



  • Benromach 10 Year Old
  • Benromach Imperial Proof 10 Year Old


Of the offerings, I’m most familiar with Benromach. I’ll order these on occasion to sip neat at bars. They’re not lying when they say it’s a classic Speyside. We were lucky enough to taste the 10 year against the Imperial proof 10 year. Imperial proof is equivalent to 114 proof in our modern terms. This is quite the difference from the regular 10 year which is 86 proof (43% ABV).


tasting mat


Although a tasting glass (Glencairn) was provided, we were encouraged to bring an extra glass so we could taste those two side by side. I noticed most people brought a complete set of glasses with them and were able to go back and forth through all the whiskys. That’s a good idea.


Douglas Laing & Co Remarkable Regional Malts

Douglas Laing & Co Remarkable Regional Malts

  • Douglas Laing The Epicurean
  • Douglas Laing Timorous Beastie
  • Douglas Laing Scallywag
  • Douglas Laing Rock Oyster
  • Douglas Laing Big Peat

I had tasted these Douglas Laing & Co Remarkable Regional Malts at the last Whisky Extravaganza last year. I was glad to taste them all again. It’s a good way to taste through the various Scotch regions and you get a sense of how the liquid can be so different.

Most single malt heads I know prefer Islay peat. But depending on my mood, sometimes I want less peat. I want to enjoy the nuances of each whisky rather than be hit by a big peat bomb.

Side note, the bottle art is so fun!

all the Scotch!


  • Gordon & Macphail Single Cask Craigellachie 19yr US Exclusive 56.6%

Gordon & Macphail is an independent bottler so they brought a special US exclusive to the tasting. We got to try 19 year old Craigellachie. This is a whopping 113 proof!

As mentioned, this tasting supported the upcoming Water of Life film which explores the whisky making process in Scotland. It was also my first time at The Phoenix. The back room is a nice place for a tasting. And i enjoyed the welcome cocktail.

I’m looking forward to researching independent bottlings and Gordon & Macphail is a good place to start!



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